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Porcelain and glass pendant light

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This very discrete pendant light dates from the 1950s, and is related to both the True Oyster and the Soft-shell Clam. Its pure and clean design features a porcelain base with a hand-blown glass dome, which creates a very special lighting effect. Although the Nautilus features a small steel rod, where it normally hung from, we made it possible to hang the lamp from its electrical cable, giving it a delicate and straightforward appearance.

These fixtures originate from a small military complex north of the German capital Berlin. They were hanging from the ceiling in one of the many barracks, that used to be the soldiers accommodations.


Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 37 cm (L x W x H)
Shipping: Worldwide

Detail Information

The Nautilus can be supplied with either halogen or LED bulb. Standard the light comes with 2.0m long cable, and black canopy. Other lengths for cable is possible on request, please specify in comments at check out. The Nautilus will be accompanied by its passport, documenting the history and origin of the lamp.
110 volt options, US & Canada wiring, and other specialties are available.

Our Items

All our pieces are restored and modernized so that the will last for decades to come. Please note that all original makers’ marks and labeling are to be disregarded, and that we recommend using all items internally, including those originally designed for external use.

Website images
Our items have had a previous life. This means they often show signs of their previous life, which in our opinion, is part of their charm. Please note that when multiple items of the same type have been salvaged from one site, only one of the items is shown on the website as an example. The item shown is always representative of all items within that specific batch. On request, we provide images of a particular item.

Installation of lights
We prepare our lighting fixtures for installation. The black electrical cable that comes with the lighting fixture is already connected, and if bulbs or fluorescent lights are included, these have been installed in advance. We recommend to have all lighting fixtures installed by a qualified electrician.

Items can be customized on request. If you have any special requirements, just get in touch with us and we will do our utmost to provide what you are looking for.

Dimmable fluorescent lighting
Fluorescent lights have the fine quality of producing a bright light. Perfect for office environments, but not always that best atmosphere for living spaces. With our dimmable customization, fluorescent lights can vary from 3% to full strength, emitting a warm and pleasant glow. Please contact us for more information on our dimmable fluorescent lights.

Delivery time

The delivery time of a fixture depends on the location. The average shipping duration ranges from 3-10 business days.

Please keep in mind that our products typically require 4-6 weeks production time before shipping.

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All our lights are restored by hand with the greatest care. As unique piece of heritage, we seek to preserve the light’s authentic appearance. We present the lamp in it’s original finish, or re-finish the light in it’s original color. The lamp has been completely rewired to current standards, and fully assembled and tested to European Legislation. We hope that it may be preserved for many centuries to come.

Our Story

Blom & Blom started with two brothers who share a passion for unique items. Often overlooked but always with a hidden potential. Each with its own story to tell. Items that deserve a new life.

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