APTO, Zwanenburg, 2015

  • Woonzorg, APTO, Zwanenburg, 2015

    Woonzorg, APTO, Zwanenburg, 2015

    Architectural office APTO asked us to create a lighting plan for the recreational area of the elderly care center Woonzorg. Contrary to the common elderly home, APTO designed a fresh and playful environment. In support to this, we came up with a design in which original lighting fixtures are combined with various custom-designed pieces.


    2 IMG_6932 2 IMG_6941

    In order to implement natural materials, we created chandeliers from small birch trunks, and applied dark wooden beams below the ceiling.

    3a IMG_7111

    As a signature piece, we developed a 5-armed ‘Spyder’ construction. Each movable arm holds a Pearl Oyster lam. The total construction has a diameter of three meter. 3 IMG_7028-Edit-Edit-Edit4 IMG_7067 4 IMG_7018

    The Red Fox wall lamps create a beautiful contrast with the colored ceiling and furniture.

    5 IMG_7140

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