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    White Scorpion

    The White Scorpion used to be a dental X-ray and dates back to the 1930s. It was designed by Siemens Almara Amsterdam, which was based on the Rokin in Amsterdam. We transformed this impressive piece into an industrial floor lamp by adding a repurposed laboratory flask with warm decorative bulb.




    The black remote is converted to a dimmer, and the flask is adjustable and can rotate almost around its own axis. By altering the contra weight this unique floor lamp is still adjustable in height, and the movable arm can be adjusted to almost every desirable position.

    The White Scorpion comes with a E27 bulb 60 Watt, 2,8 meter of black neopreen cable and a passport or historical sign describing the history and origin of the lamp.

    The fixture has been completely rewired to current standards, and is assembled and tested to EN 60598 directive of European Harmonized Legislation. US & Canada wiring available on request.

    Dimensions of this floor fixture are 200 x 105 x 80 cm (L x W x H) and the weight is 80 Kg. Price is on request. If you would like more information please contact us via hello@blomandblom.com.


    Industrial-Floor-Lamp-White-Scorpion Unique-Floor-Light-Chain-Adjustable-Arm

    The White Scorpion features a contraweight to adjust it in height, on the photo the chain of the contra contraweight with which you can adjust the arm in height.

    Floor-Lamp-Detail Floor-Lamp-Detail-Dimmer

    The laboratory flask is adjustable and can rotate almost around its own axis and the black remote is converted to a dimmer.

    Dental-Xray-Floor-Light-Adjustable-Arm Floor-Light-White-Scorpion-Original-Logo-Siemens-Almara

    On the left photo the adjustable arm of the White Scorpion. On the right photo the original Siemens Almara sign.

    Floor-Light-Laboratory-Glass Large-Floor-Light-Detail

    Clear and transparant laboratory glass flask and on the right a detail shot of the adjustable part.


    A photo from the archive which shows the White Scorpion functioning as a dentist X-ray.