Van Ons
Amsterdam, 2015

  • Van Ons, Amsterdam, 2015

    Van Ons, Amsterdam, 2015

    The Amsterdam-based WordPress Development agency ‘Van Ons’ assigned us to entirely redesign their meeting room. With only limited resources, we gave a space a complete make-over; for floor to ceiling. In the relatively small room we decided on using only a few elements, in order to keep a spacious feeling- yet create a visually inspiring environment by combining various materials and structures.



    We have placed a three meter long table as centerpiece in the room. Here, the team can have its meetings -or dinner and drinks- in a comfortable setting. The meeting table has been custom-made for this project and was designed and manufactured by Blom & Blom. It is constructed from a welded steel frame, and 3 meter long Maranti-wooden top.


    IMG_2746 IMG_2745 copy

    The table is illuminated by our ‘Giant Ox’, a dimmable fluorescent tube fixture designed in the late DDR era.




    IMG_2737 IMG_1005


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