Nalden Residence
Amsterdam, 2013

  • Nalden Residence, Amsterdam, 2013

    Nalden Residence, Amsterdam, 2013

    Blom & Blom provided the lighting in famous dutch blogger and entrepreneur Nalden’s residence. The lighting fixtures chosen for this project complement very well to the pure and sophisticated interior of this Amsterdam apartment.



    The kitchen table has been complemented with one of our fluorescent lights named the ‘Puma’. These fluorescent tubes were originally used in large factory halls hanging in a row. Placing this Puma as a singular fixture in an entirely different context like a living environment, makes its sophisticated design stand out entirely different.



    In the living room we installed the Mussel, a tiny porcelain pendant fixture with the most sophisticated and timeless look.


    The clean and contemporary look of the kitchen cabinets is complemented greatly by the modern Sea Turtle lamp, and the functional design of the Bauhaus stool.

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