Bromet Residence
Ilpendam, 2013

  • Bromet Residence, Ilpendam, 2013

    Bromet Residence, Ilpendam, 2013

    In the residence of Silvia and Lucas we installed fixtures in both their living room and hallway. The house they live in has been build in an extraordinary way, arching over an existing house and exposing parts of its constructive frame, which creates an industrial yet sophisticated style.



    In the living room a small library corner was created with a large table as central piece in it. This robust wooden table top is illuminated by one of ‘Giraffes’, a sophisticated flourescent tube fixture. The table can easily transform from reading and workplace to a cozy table to wine and dine from, when the light is dimmed down.


    In the hallway of this interesting house there are parts of the constructive frame visible, which creates a robust, industrial look and feel. This is complemented by the two river turtles we placed there.


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