De Kluis
Amsterdam, 2018

  • De Kluis, Amsterdam, 2018

    De Kluis, Amsterdam, 2018

    We are honored to have enlightened this new wonderful restaurant in the Haarlemmerstraat ‘De Kluis’. A great number of our lights are part of this beautiful interior. For this project, we developed a new wall brass light, the Golden Woodpecker.


    Our new designed wall brass light, Golden Woodpecker.

    Above the bar there are several Milky Nautilus suspended, together with the Oyster on the wall they provide a warm light.

    The White Dolphin is suspended above the large reading table.

    Overview of the restaurant with on the left three Jesus Christ Lizards suspended from the ceiling, in the middle the Oyster end on the right the Dromedaries.

    The Oyster fixture at the entrance (left). The Dromedary fits perfect in the industrial grey kitchen (right).

    “De Kluis’ has a beautiful open kitchen, the Dromedaries are part of the kitchen interior.