De Boer Residence
Broek in Waterland, 2014

  • De Boer Residence, Broek in Waterland, 2014

    De Boer Residence, Broek in Waterland, 2014

    This former farmhouse was entirely redesigned by its owners. They have created a unique, light living space and complemented it with several pieces from our collection; not only great-looking pieces, but definitely also great in size. The Elephant in the living room for instance, could definitely be categorized as a statement piece. It fuses perfectly with the exposed wooden poles that are part of the original skeleton of the house.


    IMG_0728 IMG_0750This grey, mushroom shaped lamp, ‘The Elephant’, used to illuminate the German railway tracks. It has been attached to a robust socket of Azobé wood.


    IMG_0762 IMG_0780


    In the bathroom we installed two of our largest ‘beasts’; The Crocodile and the Rhino. As these two are such bold fixtures, placing them together in one small room would be a bit much in most cases. In this bathroom however, the two beasts merge together with the space so fluidly, they simply belong there together.

    IMG_0771     IMG_0786 2



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