Conceptstore NYHAVN
Haarlem, 2015

  • Conceptstore NYHAVN, Haarlem, 2015

    Conceptstore NYHAVN, Haarlem, 2015

    The Conceptstore NYHAVN is located on one of the A-locations in the city of Haarlem. For the owner Karen Vuijst, we created a lighting concept in which the lighting fixtures become a prominent aspect of the store interior. The large variety of Blom & Blom lights at display in the store are all for sale.


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    The buildings’ many windows create a lot of space to display products. By putting lights in the windows, the storefronts feel much ‘fuller’, and draws the attention of many passers.

    5 Mussels_IMG_5490 5 Red_Fox_IMG_5374

    The Red Fox wall lights (right) are produced from discarded wooden pilings, coming from the canals of Amsterdam.


    We developed this custom-designed lamp for conceptstore NYHAVN. It is made from discarded copper material,
    and the design is inspired on the classical library reading table lights from the 1930s.

    5a Overview1_IMG_5671 6 Cups1_IMG_5751 6 Cups2_IMG_5641

    The ceiling of this little corner in the store – that was giving the name ‘the busstop’ – is filled with small pendant lamps made from original enamel cups, that originate from an ex-soviet military base in former East Germany.

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