Black Scorpion

  • Black Scorpion

    Black Scorpion

    This unique lamp has been created from an original dentist X-ray machine, designed and produced by Philips. The movable device has a hydraulic arm that featured the X-ray tube, and can be adjusted to the slightest detail. The original X-ray tube has been carefully removed, and replaced with one of our Ox lighting fixtures.




    This delicate Ox lamp was designed around the1970s in former East Germany, and its simple, modernist design reminds of the Bauhaus school. The aluminum body has been featured with a black hammerite finish, and the light is dimmable by a small turning switch on the fixture.

    The Black Scorpion comes with two dimmable TLD 36 watt fluorescent lights (warm white 2700K), a 2,0 meter matt black cable including a grounded plug, and its passport describing the history and origin of the lamp.

    Dimensions of this floor fixture are 190 x 130 x 60 cm (L x W x H) and the weight is 60 Kg. Price is on request. If you would like more information please contact us via


    Floor-Lamp-Black-Scorpion Floor-Light-Wheels-Black-Scorpion

    The Black Scorpion features a movable feet with three wheels.

    Floor-Lamp-Original-Philips-Logo-Black-Scorpion Floor-Fixture-Black-Scorpion-Hycraulic-Arm

    Original Philips sign on the fixture. The hydraulic arm can be adjusted to the slightest detail.

    Floor-Light-Black-Scorpion-Composite-End Floor-Light-Black-Scorpion-Bakelite-Tube-Holders

    The bakelite glass tube holders are connected by a composite end.

    Floor-Fixture-Black-Scorpion-Hycraulic-Arm Floor-Light-Black-Scorpion-Cable-Holder

    The photo below shows how the Black Scorpion used to look and functioned as a dentist X-ray machine.