Amsterdam ID Aparthotel
APTO, Amsterdam, 2015

  • Amsterdam ID Aparthotel, APTO, Amsterdam, 2015

    Amsterdam ID Aparthotel, APTO, Amsterdam, 2015

    For the new Amsterdam ID Aparthotel at the Sloterdijk area of the city, we created the lighting design for their Hotel bar & restaurant, called Adam’s ID. By developing a concept in which we used a variety of our original pendant lights, combined with custom-designed fixtures, we were able to create the right intimacy in this fairly large space. We were responsible for the lighting design from concept to realisation, and worked closely together with architectural firm APTO, who were responsible for the overall interior design.


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    For above the dining tables, we wanted to use a delicate and a ‘transparant’ lighting fixture, so we created pendant lights from original laboratory glass.

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    By introducing an old wooden piling with hanging plants and light bulbs, the space is visually divided into two areas, creating a more intimate atmosphere.

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    The dimmable ‘Javan Rhino’ fluorescent lamp above the coffee bar’s reading table.

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