White Python

White Python

Desk lamp with composite shade and LED tube



70 x 62.5 x 46 (L x W x H)


2.3 kg

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The junction mechanism of the White Python has been inspired on the famous lamps designed by the ‘Midgard’ company. In order to improve the illumination on industrial work sites, Midgard produced a series of fully adjustable lights, like this desk lamp. The fixture consists of a composite shade and an adjustable arm. It has been designed so that it can be easily connected to the rim of a desk or shelf.

The White Python lights originate from a former spinning mill in eastern Germany. The lamps were connected to desks of the various offices, spread out through the enormous complex. The textile factory had been operational for over 80 years under many different names. Eventually it had to close its doors due to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, and has been left deserted ever since.

All our lights are restored by hand with the greatest care. As unique piece of heritage, we seek to preserve the light’s authentic appearance. We present the lamp in it’s original finish, or re-finish the light in it’s original color. The lamp has been completely rewired to current standards, and fully assembled and tested to European Legislation, We hope that it may be preserved for many centuries to come.

The White Python has been featured with a warm (2700K) LED tube, and comes with 1,5m long cable and a grounded plug (EU standard). The White Python will be accompanied by its passport, documenting the history and origin of the lamp.
110 volt options, US & Canada wiring, and other specialties are available.

White Python