Jesus Christ Lizard

Jesus Christ Lizard

Soviet splash proof light fixture with milk glass dome


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29 x 29 x 41 cm (L x W x H)


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Although this explosion-proof light fixture was found in the former DDR, it was probably manufactured in the Soviet Union. It consist of a cast aluminium casing fitted with a beautiful – one-centimetre thick – milky glass dome. We featured it with a newly fabricated one metre long extension rod. Like many explosion-proof lights this round well glass lamp is designed to be used in buildings with hazardous materials, such as bunkers, ammunition storages, or constructions for military purposes.

These fixtures originate from a small military complex north of the German capital Berlin. They were mounted to the walls of an underground tunnel complex, that was most likely used for the storage of weapons and ammunition.

The Jesus Christ Lizard comes with:
– 42 watt E27 halogen bulb
– 1 meter long steel rod, 1,5 meter of matt black cable
– passport describing the history and origin of the lamp.

Upon request, the extension rod can be adjusted to a desired length.

The fixture has been completely rewired to current standards, and is assembled and tested to EN 60598 directive of European Harmonized Legislation. US & Canada wiring available on request.

Jesus Christ Lizard