Great Pearl Mussel

Great Pearl Mussel

Wooden floor light with shaded porcelain light



190 x 40 x 60 cm (L x W x H)


16 Kg

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This slim floor lamp is a combination of our Wall Map Stand, and the Pearl Mussel. The top part of the wooden stand has been replaced with a steel construction that connects to the cast-iron top of the Pearl Mussel. This original Hungarian light has a stretched glass dome, features an enameled white shade, and its appearance connects well with the wooden Wall Map Stand.

The arc-formed construction holding the Pearl Mussel is made from hot-rolled steel to give it that typical marine-blue look. The stand is made of wood, and can be adjusted in height. It furthermore features delicate tripod legs that has been slightly brushed. Both the wood and metal parts have been treated with linseed oil.

The lamp comes with a 42 watt E27 decorative incandescent bulb, 1,5 meter of black neoprene cable, and a passport describing the history and origin of the lamp.

Great Pearl Mussel