Electrical Training Board Multivibrator

Electrical Training Board Multivibrator

Former Soviet electrical training board



95 x 9 x 75 cm (L x W x H)


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We consider these electrical training boards as one of our most extraordinary finds. They originate from the former Soviet Union, and were most likely used to train Soviet technical staff at former military complexes. The boards could be connected to a power source to simulate an electrical circuit. This particular board simulates a multivibrator. The combination of the beautiful wooden housing and the impressive composition of meters, switches and buttons, makes this teaching tool almost a piece of art.

These electrical training boards were found at the ceiling of a the storage building at the premises of a small military complex north of Berlin. Although the boards must have been up there for decades, and do not function any more, they are still in good condition. The cardboard background has been carefully cleaned, and the wooden parts have been treated with linseed oil.

Electrical Training Board Multivibrator