Bubble Whale

Bubble Whale

Heavy half-circled body fixture with protection glass



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143 x 39 x 17 cm (L x W x H)

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The straightforward design of the Bubble Whale is characterised by its bold half-circled body and its thick protection glass. These fixtures has been designed to be splash-proof, gas-proof, and dust-proof, and were therefore commonly used in highly sensitive areas within for example chemical plants. The original reflection plate inside the lamp have been removed to emphasize its industrial appearance. The light features two large E40 LED bulbs, providing a warm glow.

The fixture originates from one of the largest laboratories in East Germany, where they illuminated one of the main production areas in the complex.

All our lights are restored by hand with the greatest care. As unique piece of heritage, we seek to preserve the light’s authentic appearance. We present the lamp in it’s original finish, or re-finish the light in it’s original color. The lamp has been completely rewired to current standards, and fully assembled and tested to European Legislation, We hope that it may be preserved for many centuries to come.

The Bubble Whale can be supplied with either fluorescent or LED tubes in different color temperatures (type of warmth), and in a variety of dimming options. Standard the light comes with 3.0m long cable, 2.0m suspension wires, and black canopy. Other lengths for cable and suspension wires possible on request, please specify in comments at check out. The Bubble Whale will be accompanied by its passport, documenting the history and origin of the lamp. It is also possible to have this fixture with tubes ‘Right Whale’.
110 volt options, US & Canada wiring, and other specialties are available.

Bubble Whale