Blue Crocodile

Blue Crocodile



137 x 25 x 20 cm (L x W x H)


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The Blue Crocodile was designed and manufactured by the West German company Schaco, and consists of a blue aluminium body, holding a thick composite cover with a steel protective cage. The blue hammertone finish of the aluminium body gives the lighting fixture an industrial but contemporary, unique look. Primarily used in buildings processing hazardous materials such as chemical plants and laboratories, the Blue Crocodile had to meet stringent safety requirements.

This Fluorescent Light was found on a large factorycomplex in the northern periphery of Amsterdam. The complex, where atmospheric gases were developed, was already vacant for a while and on the verge of being demolished. Several of these fluorescent lights were left suspended from the high ceilings.

The Blue Crocodile comes with two TLD 36 Watt fluorescent light (warm white, cool white, or daylight), a 1,5 meter matt black cable, and its passport describing the history and origin of the lamp.  It can be delivered in a dimmable version on request.

Note: currently only available in a slightly different blue-tone color, other than shown on images depicted on this page. If you are interested in this fixture, we will provide you with images of the actual color.

Blue Crocodile