Barn Owl

Barn Owl | Large Industrial Spotlight

Barn Owl

Large green coloured spotlight



43 x 30 x 80 cm (L x W x H)


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From our many favourites, this large spotlight is definitely in our top five. During the DDR-era, these industrial lights featured 1000 watt light bulbs, and were used to illuminate objects from great distances. It consists of a green coloured steel-plated housing holding a porcelain socket, and its glass window. The mirrored reflector creates the most beautiful light when the spotlight is turned on. We featured the fixture with a special deco-bulb, and placed it on a beautiful oak socket.

The Barn Owl originates from a military site in the outskirts of Berlin. It was found at the theatre in the complex, where it illuminated the entertainment of the Soviet military staff. The socket is a ‘slice’ of a wooden beam that was once used for launching ships at a docking yard just outside Amsterdam. The oak is more than forty years old, and we love to see how decades of erosion are marked in the wood. It has been treated with linseed oil to preserve the oak.

The Barn Owl comes with a special 40 watt E27 deco bulb, a 1,5 meter matt black cable, and a passport describing its history and origin.

Barn Owl | Large Industrial Spotlight

Barn Owl