Our Story


Blom & Blom is about two brothers. Two brothers who share a passion for forgotten items from forgotten places. Items with a rich and epic history, each with its own story. Unique items, once part of a thriving industry, long abandoned and left to perish. Items that deserve a new life.

We offer an extensive collection of original lighting fixtures and furnishings, found in abandoned factories and carefully restored with respect for their past. Every piece carries its own legacy, presented in a ‘passport’ describing its particular origin and history.

Inspired by our hunt for industrial treasures, we also craft our own designs. These singular creations emerge from our fascination with the object itself – its look, its feel, its material – and the imagination it inspires. Whether we design a one-off signature piece, a series of lighting fixtures, or a site-specific installation, each is translated into a unique expression of the original.

Our products are restored, designed and produced in-house with passion and dedication by a team of craftsmen, designers, and engineers. From our workshop & studio in Amsterdam, we serve both local and international clients, sharing the pleasure of seeing our work come to life in interiors around the world.

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Kamiel Blom & Martijn Blom

This is how our journey started…